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5 Reasons To Visit Naples Florida For The Summer

Make your plans now to visit this summer for an unforgettable experience

Summer is a great time to visit the area

Some write off Florida for the summer season. However, there are a lot of reasons to expand your summer plans to Naples, which is beautiful and enticing even through the hotter months. Not convinced? Check out some of the reasons why you need to come to Naples, Florida this summer.

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1. Fewer tourists. Enjoy all the local restaurants, attractions, and beaches without the crowds. During the off-season, you don’t have to worry about getting into your favorite restaurant or heavy traffic to the beach. Locals love to call this the time of year they get their city back.

2. Warm water temperature. No need to get out of the water – Enjoy the 85-degree temperature and soak up the sun for hours while floating in your favorite spot.

3. Best fishing of the year. If you enjoy fishing or want to try it you will not walk away empty-handed. You can expect to catch grouper, snapper, trout, redfish, and others. Be sure to bring your boat and launch from our private boat ramp at the resort. We offer direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe you’re not a fisherman, but you still enjoy all the delicious seafood entrees. Well, make sure you visit any number of restaurants in the area offering locally caught fish. Ask the front desk for a list of top restaurants.

4. Affordable golf. Play all the golf you want at half the cost. With more than 90 golf courses in the city, Naples has been called “Golf Capital of America.” With all the seasonal rates, you will be able to afford them all!

5. Summer specials. Summertime here in Naples is easier on your wallet. With our amazing summer deals, you can find a deal that works best with the amount of time you want to spend with us. Local restaurants and activities are sure to have specials as well.

If you are looking for even more to see and do then make sure to take the short drive up Interstate 75 to Fort Myers. There you will find even more shopping, dining, and seaside attractions.


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