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Meet Duncan, One of Our Favorite Resort Pets

Naples Motorcoach Resort Owner Profile
Duncan the Great Dane and Bill

Who’s that frolicking in the dog park, prancing through the farmers market on Marco Island, and inspiring joy all across Naples Motorcoach Resort? It’s Duncan the Great Dane, one of the resort’s favorite pets.

“Duncan’s size and his calm demeanor draw adults and children to him,” says Lynn Wronkowski, Duncan’s Mom. “Once you look into his soulful brown eyes, you are hooked. Every morning, Duncan takes Bill Bearden, who I call his human guardian, for a walk. Walking through the resort, Duncan ensures that he makes several stops to say, ‘Good morning,’ to all his friends.”

Duncan’s family has traveled from New Hampshire in their Entegra motorcoach, to Naples Motorcoach every year for the last three winter seasons. They love to explore the resort and surrounding area together, and on Sunday mornings, they visit the Naples Botanical Gardens.

“Duncan hops in the back of ‘his’ truck and sticks his head out the window,” she says. “As soon as we hit the intersection for the botanical gardens, his excitement level increases. This is a wonderful place to visit, the surroundings are beautiful, the staff is incredible, and the added bonus is that this is a great opportunity for dogs to socialize. Duncan has several friends that he sees every Sunday at the garden.”

But Duncan doesn’t have to leave the resort to hang out with his buddies. At Naples Motorcoach, he is surrounded by friends of both the four-legged and two-legged variety. “His favorite pals are Benny and Jack, aka, the ‘Boxer Boys,’” Lynn says. “This trio has been friends since Duncan and Benny were puppies. It is great fun to watch them play together in the dog park here at the resort, and then the three pals hang out underneath the tiki hut enjoying the shade and the tropical breezes.”

Duncan’s curiosity and desire to be part of the action has also led to fun and memorable moments at the resort. “Earlier this season, Benny and Jack were having a bath. Duncan heard them and wondered what kind of fun they were having without him. He poked his nose through the shrubbery and said, “Can I come over and play?”

The friendships that all three of them have made at Naples Motorcoach feed Lynn, Bill, and Duncan’s desire to come back again and again. Not surprisingly, this is also one of the largest drivers that led them to become owners at Naples.

Duncan's home at Naples Motorcoach Resort
Duncan’s home at Naples Motorcoach Resort

“The close friendships we have made — or, as we like to say, our family — and the sense of community is what sealed the deal,” she said. “Walk around the resort day or night and there is usually a group of people chatting or enjoying dinner. We visited family in Naples four years ago and decided that this was the place to spend at least part of the winter. Our first year here at Naples Motorcoach was pure paradise and this trend continues year after year. We enjoy the various planned activities offered by the resort, the amenities, and, most importantly, the people that call Naples Motorcoach Resort their winter home. Bill, Duncan, and I enjoy the sense of family and the overall feeling of community.”

Reserve a stay at Naples Motorcoach by visiting, or by calling the resort at 888-323-4985.

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