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A Pursuit of Paradise & Arrival to Naples Motorcoach Resort

Learn more about our owners Dana and Robin Salkeld

Dana and Robin Salkheld owners at Naples Motorcoach
Dana and Robin Salkeld, owners at Naples Motorcoach Resort, enjoy going out on the water.

Dana and Robin Salkeld spent two seasons driving all around Florida — up near the Panhandle, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, over to Fort Lauderdale, and down to the Blue Water Key in the Keys — searching for their perfect slice of paradise. Their pursuit quickly came to an end upon their arrival at Naples Motorcoach Resort.

Remembering their first visit to the resort, the couple says, “We made the reservation at Naples Motorcoach Resort, pulled in, and figured, ‘OK. After all the driving around for two years and seeing all the resorts and having no desire to buy a place, here we are.”

With so many options for lot owners in the area and throughout the state, it was a special feeling about the resort that attracted the Salkelds to Naples and converted them into owners.

“Naples Motorcoach is exactly what it says: It’s a resort,” the couple adds. “We come down here for three to four months each year, and we don’t want to live in a neighborhood. We want to live in a resort and have that resort feel… That’s what we get here.”

Dana and Robin Salkheld owners at Naples MotorcoachDuring their seasonal stays at Naples Motorcoach, the couple can be found enjoying the pool, the pickleball courts, having breakfast with new friends, and hosting get-togethers on their lot. “We purchased our lot knowing that we wanted to build a casita and a tiki because we have friends that come in from out of town, and we wanted to be sure we had room for them,” they say. “The casita and the tiki just extend that outdoor living space.”

The couple also enjoys spending their time exploring the area outside the resort. “What we like about the Naples-Marco Island area is the abundance of very good restaurants and golf courses,” the Salkelds say. “It just seems like there is always something we can do either inside the resort or outside the resort, from golf to airboat rides, to just cruising around in a boat. If you don’t own one, there are rental boats and they are reasonable, from pontoon boats to fishing boats — and the fishing here in the Naples-Marco Island area is excellent.”

Owning at Naples has also turned them into honorary salespeople. The Salkelds converted a friend into a neighbor by encouraging him to come for a visit. “He looked us in the eye and said, ‘You know something, you’re right, I’ve been all over Florida also and the tagline You have arrived is so true when it comes to the resort.’”

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