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A Friend Referral Led to Lifelong Friendships

Read more about our featured owners Jon Sevel and his fiancé Cortney Bluefeld

Sevel & Bluefeld
Sevel & Bluefeld

A country club with one hundred of your closest friends — that’s the lifestyle Jon Sevel and his fiancé Cortney Bluefeld were looking for when a good friend referred them to Naples Motorcoach Resort.

“My dear friend Dana Salkeld came to visit me when I was staying at a resort up near Orlando and told me that he just bought a place in Naples and that I had to see this place,” Jon says.

He and Cortney stayed for just two weeks before they were sold and became owners. The resort was exactly what they were looking for, “a high-end resort from top to bottom with all the amenities,” as Jon describes it.

The couple were blown away by how friendly and welcoming everyone was to them when they first arrived, and since, they’ve made many lifelong friends. Jon, now hooked on pickleball, spends his days on the court, while Cortney enjoys relaxing by the pool or riding her bike around and saying hello to friends.

“It truly is a lifestyle that we love,” Jon says. “It takes me an hour to walk my dogs because I end up stopping and chatting with people all around the resort! I think my dogs get annoyed with me.”

Even when they’re not vacationing in Naples, the couple show their loyalty to the resort on their license plate, “NMCR131”.

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